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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Winter's Journey or What the Heck Am I Doing?

As I pen this missive, it is 7:30 AM. I've been up and at'em for an hour. No, I don't normally rise this early. Those who know me from my stint at Taylor and Francis Group, as well as AMI, remember the days when I went to the gym prior to arriving at work. At T&F I was at my desk by 7 AM. I'm not a stranger to waking early, but see no sensible reason to do so these days. Yet I remain a "morning" person. My energy is at its greatest and my creativity at its zenith in the morning. I do 80% of my writing before 1 PM. Typically, if I accomplish any writing of significance after that hour, it's this blog. Perhaps "significance" is overstating it.

I am up early this morning because I have a drive to Atlanta in front of me. As a member of the Greater Atlanta Automotive Media Association -- GAAMA to the uninitiated -- I try to make the monthly lunch meetings. This month's gathering is today at the W Hotel and is sponsored by Acura. We'll hear from one of its execs and look at some of its product. It's an opportunity, not only for a free lunch, but to reconnect with industry friends and do a little networking.

Because Atlanta is a 2-plus-hour haul, I only make about every-other monthly lunch. These noon meetings require a full day's investment for me: 2 hours over, 2-3 hours of meeting and 2 hours back -- all carved out of the heart of the day. I also have a seat on its board of directors and this group often meets for lunch on another day each month. I already missed that meeting for January, so I feel doubly compelled to make this one.

It is cold, rainy and nasty; weather I face the entire distance. I would normally push off around 9:30 for a noon arrival, but today I will need to be on the road by 9:00. I am not looking forward to the drive. I fully expect to encounter an accident or two that will stop the traffic flow dead in its tracks. Three hours may not be sufficient. I refuse to donate more.

So that is my day today. Oh, boy.

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