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Saturday, January 15, 2011

NFL Playoffs: A Steelers Fan Today -- A Jets Fan Tomorrow

Getting ready to head out for the Steelers/Ravens game. Going to give a joint I've never been in a try. I'm told it's a Steelers stronghold. If nothing else, at least the stool I'm sitting on will be. I could stay home and watch the game, but I want to surround myself with like-minded, hard-core Steelers fans. There is strength in numbers.

I have a friend who is a Pittsburgh native. Although she now lives in Toledo, she keeps pretty close track of sports analysis out of the Burgh. She forwards Steelers-related stories to me nearly every day during the NFL season. I, of course, then forward them on to other Steelers loyalists I know.

Although these pieces are positive and quite insightful, none has predicted a winner in today's contest. I guess the thinking is to avoid jinxing the game. I won't tinker with that approach. Although the Steelers/Ravens are considered one of the game's great rivalries, I don't harbor any ill will toward the Ravens. It is a great team that never fails to give Pittsburgh a good game. Do I want the Ravens to win? Not on your life, but I don't hate or even dislike them.

No, my hate I reserve for the Patriots and the most despicable coach in the NFL, Bill Belichick. As will most of the nation tomorrow, I will be a New York Jets fan for a day. The only thing that will improve my mood with a Steelers victory today would be a Jets win tomorrow.

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