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Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Hong Kong Nightmare Continues

Wow, I am really over trying to get my trip to Hong Kong worked out. Since Thursday morning I have been struggling to get my name corrected on the tickets. With my initial flight due to push away from the gate in less than 20 hours, the issue remains unresolved. I have a pounding headache for the second day in a row as I deal with layers of people attempting to get this resolved.

Because the travel agent involved either doesn't know what she is doing or is attempting to put a couple of extra bucks in her pocket -- I suspect it's a combination of the two -- my tickets are still booked under just my middle and last names. She claims that she paid a $150 penalty fee to get the change made, but so far, nada.

What little desire I had to make this trip has rapidly dissolved over the course of the past 24 hours. I actually canceled the trip this morning with the PR agency involved, but they begged me to give them a little more time. My cancellation will be a major problem for them with Hong Kong (their client). I gave them until noon and that is now four minutes away. Tic-toc, tic-toc...

I may give them even a little more time. I'm heading to the gym in an attempt to get my blood pressure back down to some level where I'm not in danger of the top of my heading blowing off. Welcome to Scanners II. So, I'll give them until I get back. Meanwhile I am neither packed nor have my house in order for this trip. I've been hoping against hope that the problem won't be resolved and I can walk away without repercussions. What are the chances?

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  1. If you do get there, don't make fun of the way they talk.