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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sun, Sand, Surf and Saucy Models: Just Another Day on Delray Beach!

Normally I wouldn't be excited about getting an early start while on vacation.  Being up and on the road by isn't early by most standards, including mine. But it's not something I want to do on vacation.

Today, however, I was up, dressed and ready to go before ! The occasion? A photo shoot for Boston Proper's fall catalog. Yes, there were hot models involved.

I am working on getting a copy-writing assignment with them. It's not what you know -- although, in this case knowing something about copy writing is a plus -- it's who you know; and I know somebody.

I've been haranguing my friend who works for them for a shot at a copy writing gig for a very long time. I think I may actually get an audition this time around.

In any event, it was a happy coincidence that they were doing a photo shoot in Delray Beach while I was visiting.

It was a source of inspiration that I hadn't expected.

It sort of reminded me of shooting stand-ups with our host for "Discover America." Of course, they had the advantage of not worrying with sound issues. But lighting was a factor as the sun peeked in and out of the clouds. Hair-and-makeup also takes time. So, there was a lot of standing around.

Standing around worked fine with me because it gave us time to chat up the models. Ah…the models….

Anyone who has been to my house and seen the collection of photos on my fridge knows that I am not a stranger to models. I've had my fair share of encounters. This was particularly true when we were producing Nopi Street Performance Compact magazine for American Media. I had a modeling agency that supplied models for our booth at car shows. Some were more exotic than others, but there wasn't a clunker in the bunch.

But these things are still fun. Moreover, the models didn't really have an idea who I was or how I fit into the picture. That I had no portfolio in Boston Proper and carried no weight wasn't information they had. It was to my benefit.

So the girls were friendly, chatty and, did I mention, hot!

The bottom line is that I had a very good reason to pop out of bed early this morning.  Hell, I can sleep anytime.

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