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Friday, March 2, 2012

A Camera Is a Terrible Thing to Lose

I have a couple of different topics I could choose from for today's blogging opus. Unfortunately, there are photos I want to include with them. Here's the thing: The photos are on the memory card in the camera that was left in Virginia that is now hundreds of miles away. I wanted to work the phrase, "in the house that Jack built" into the end of the previous sentence, but just couldn't figure a way to do it.

The morale of the missing camera? Clearly you don't have to be bright to be a blogger or an auto journalist -- whatever in the hell that is.

Yep, I shot photos for two different blog ideas and then managed to leave the camera behind in my rush to get from the Virginia International Raceway to the airport.

As luck would have it, one of the support people at the Chevy Camaro ZL1 event I was attending found the camera, evidently scrolled through the photos, and determined the camera was mine. I received an e-mail early this morning that it was winging its way back to me.

So today's post is really a place holder of sorts. I didn't want you to feel totally cheated after taking the time to visit Clanging Bell. On the other hand, I am not sufficiently motivated to come up with yet a third idea.

The above photo is just a tease for blogs coming next week.

Now on to more pressing topics. I am somewhat ticked off that Pittsburgh unceremoniously dumped its most productive receiver of all time: Hines Ward.

That announcement came earlier this week. Certainly the Steelers will survive without him, but he has been the face of that team for several years. Apparently the Rooneys decided that at age 36, he didn't have another productive year left in him and kicked him to the curb. I hope he doesn't wind up at some other AFC team and prove them wrong.

And last, but far from least, it was announced that the Fox TV series House is in its last season. I missed the first couple of seasons that began in 2004. When I finally found it, I became a loyal watcher. A truly despicable character, House was so self-centered and nasty, he was fun. I like that. Monday nights won't be the same.

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