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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Steelers Will Be the Death of Me

The best and the worst thing about this Sunday is that the Steelers aren't playing.  It's the best thing because I don't have to worry about suffering a stroke as the offense squanders the efforts of one of the best defenses in the NFL to bungle its way to a one-score win or loss; and the worst thing because Sundays just seem empty without Steelers football -- even in July!

I totally missed the game this week because it was aired on the NFL Network. NFL network? I could have gone to a watering hole somewhere to watch, but Thursday night was my first night at home in a week and I wanted to stay in. Moreover, the Steelers played the Browns, the punching bag of the AFC North. It should have been a slaughter.

That the Steelers offense managed to fumble its way into keeping Cleveland in the game until well into the fourth quarter, made me all the happier I didn't have to try to keep from popping my cork for more than three quarters. How in the world do you get to the 2-yard line with a first down and not punch it in against the Browns? The Browns for the love of God! I am mystified and profoundly worried for the playoffs.

So, let's talk Steelers and the playoffs. It seems at least somewhat unlikely that the Steelers will win its division. The Ravens would have to seriously implode for that to happen. After they skate through their game with the Colts today --the score is 17-3 Ravens as I write this, the Ravens will have the same win-loss record as the Steelers with the rankings advantage of having beat the Steelers twice. Unless you count Cincy, the Ravens don't have a serious opponent left in the regular season; the Steelers still must get past San Francisco.

More than likely the Steelers will get into the playoffs by way of a Wildcard berth -- unless, of course, they implode. Even if they lose to San Francisco, they should still be able to stumble their way to a win over Cleveland and St. Louis.  

Steelers won the 2006 Super Bowl from a Wildcard spot. I don't care how they get to the playoffs as long at they are there. They don't seem to care how they get there either.

In any event, it will all be over in less than 60 days.

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