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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves: A December Break in Florida

I'm basking in the cloudy, rainy skies of South Florida. It's been nasty here since my plane touched down Thursday night/Friday morning. Actually things look pretty good today and should remain so for the balance of my visit.

I am being dispossessed today. I'm staying with friends, but out-of-town relatives are arriving at PBI this morning necessitating the transfer of my luggage and me to the home of other friends.

Ah, the life of a Gypsy….

Mostly unstructured, this trip has been lots of lazing around punctuated with lunches at Asian restaurants, copious amounts of wine and even a turn or two on the dance floor.

Last night I attended what amounted to an ice skating recital of the daughter of some friends. Not the way a hip, man-about-town guy like me normally spends a Saturday evening -- usually I'm sitting at home eating spaghetti and watching rented movies. The ice rink, however, sold beer -- $10 for a bucket of five long necks -- so we made a party out of it. It was followed by a real Holiday/birthday party.

Finally getting a little sun, and a cookout with friends are on today's agenda.

So much to do and only one of me….  

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