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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Greenville, SC: Too Much Going on to Stay Home

I am going to break my vow to stay in this week. I had been successful at keeping it thus far. I skipped my usual trip to Smoke on the Water on Tuesday evening and my Wednesday outing to The Peddler.

See, I do have some will power. Not much, but some.

I drove through downtown on my way home for the gym today, and things are popping down there.

Tonight is the first Republican debate. It will be at the Peace Center, which is a block down the street from my favorite downtown joint, Soby's.

I worked in West Palm Beach during the William Kennedy Smith trial and also during the 2000 presidential-election-recount circus; downtown Greenville has the same feel about it today. There are news vans from all over the place scattered here and there around the city. Main Street's side walks are packed.

There is also a downtown concert series on Thursdays for which they block off a couple of blocks at the other end of Main Street from the Peace Center. There is live music and beer. I like beer.

Too much going on to stay home.

I'm going down and soak up some of the excitement, as well as stop in the Nose Dive for a beer and to chat up my favorite school-teaching bartender, Natalie.

Ya know, I love Greenville.

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