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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cleaning House: Sometimes We Must Do Things We Don't Want To

I have company from South Florida arriving today. They were scheduled to shove off from Lake Worth after work yesterday and pause for some sleep in Savannah. I expect to see them around 1 PM today.

I don't get many overnight visitors. In fact, I've had the same guest bed for 10 years. If it has been utilized by guests more than a total of 60 days in that decade, I'd be surprised. I sleep in it for three or four months out of the year because it's cooler in the guest room in the summer than upstairs in my room. I'll be relocating to the guest room once this week's company leaves.

For a single guy, company acomin' means a Chinese fire drill of activity. Although I dust and run the vacuum periodically, a "real good" cleaning only happens when I anticipate guests.

I abhor house cleaning. It was an activity I hired out for eight years while living in Florida. Once I was no longer living with my mother, it was the only extended period in my life when my residence was truly clean.

A couple of periods of live-in girl friends also translated into a clean house; but, in the long run, it was cheaper to pay Dos Rosarios, the tag team-cleaning sisters from El Salvador $200 a month to keep the joint clean than to underwrite the wallet-emptying cost of supplying a live-in chick with toilet paper.

Yes, I wrote that.

So, this morning I will dive in and clean this rat trap. I am hating life already. It's too early to begin drinking. Well, maybe...

I hope my friends appreciate my sacrifice.

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