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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

St. Valentine's Day or Let's Put a Price Tag on Love

Valentine's Day passed yesterday nearly unnoticed in my household. Had it not been for all the ads trying to sell me flowers, candy and other traditional trappings of the day when I logged onto AOL, I would have missed it entirely.

As days we observe as a culture go, it ranks right up there for me with Paul Bunyan Day and Bastille Day. And it certainly lags way behind Cinco de Mayo and National Boss Day. What a colossal waste of time, energy and, most of all, money. I've heard it called "Single's Awareness Day." I pretty much celebrate that every day. And it doesn't cost me a penny.

Part of the Valentine's legend says that St. Valentine was martyred by the Roman Emperor Claudius II, but before he was killed he sent a love note to his true love signed "From your Valentine." Man, this story makes my teeth hurt it's so syrupy sweet. Had they known this final gesture on his part was going to mean 2,000 years of poor schlubs having to buy flowers, baubles, expensive dinners and sappy greeting cards for the women in their lives, his executioners should have just tossed the sorry S.O.B. in jail with conjugal visitation privileges.

So, rather than fighting crowds of doe-eyed couples in the restaurants and bars last night, I stayed home and watched a little TV. All things considered, it was a much less stressful and expensive night than many of my male friends experienced.

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