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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Kardashian Wedding: Like a Train Wreck, I Can't Make Myself Look Away

I guess tomorrow is the big day for little Kimmy Kardashian.

Yes, this one-time gal pal of Paris Hilton, reality TV star, Playboy Magazine model and, well, nothing much else really is getting hitched tomorrow in what some have estimated will be a $10 million wedding.

Forget corporate jets; I'm surprised some liberal somewhere hasn't suggested taxing this wedding.

How many pigs-in-a-blanket and little dinner mints do you need?

Reportedly some 500 guests will crowd into a posh California resort to celebrate the nuptials of little Kimmy and a basketball player.

Why is it these celebrity women only ever seem to marry professional basketball players and rock musicians? Well, occasionally one gets a wild hair and marries a hockey player, but basically it's NBA stars and rock musicians.

I don't follow the NBA or pay a whole lot of attention to the Kardashians -- although I did eat dinner two tables away from the entire Kardashian clan in Hollywood one night -- so I have no clue who the lucky guy is who is marrying into this freak-show of a family.

I don't take marriage lightly, which is why I never made the leap myself. To me it always seemed something akin to bungee jumping blindfolded. But am I alone in expecting this marriage to be short lived? It may not be Dennis Rodman/Carmen Electra short, but it sure ain't going to be Ozzie and Harriet either.

All of the entertainment press is tripping over one another to cover this event. Amazing how someone who has gained celebrity by just sort of showing up can create such a feeding frenzy.

Evidently big bucks don't buy smarts. Despite having a high-dollar wedding planner on the payroll, little Kimmy invited about 50 more people than space will allow and two days before the wedding reportedly uninvited them. Mostly they were plus-one guests of actual invitees.

How would you have liked to receive that tweet? "Oh, by the way, Paris, I'm eliminating all plus-ones on the guest list, so I'm uninviting your date. You'll have to come stag." Nice.

There is also a dress code. Anyone not wearing black and white will be turned away at the door.

I've seen reports that the loving couple is offsetting most of the wedding's cost by selling television and other rights. Ah, good to know that romance isn't dead.

Is anyone else feeling a little queasy?

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