Preparing to shoot a few segments of Big Jon in 5 for BEER2WHISKEY in our upstairs studio at Barley's Taproom in downtown Greenville. That's owner Josh Beebe preparing for his closeup.

Monday, August 29, 2011

If You Can't Run With the Big Dogs, Keep Your Butt on the Porch

I am paying the price today for having just too much fun over my birthday weekend.

I had someone ask me if I felt my age. My answer: Well, today I do, but I should be better tomorrow. That's my sincere hope, in any event.

I've killed time in a variety of ways today as I wait for my creative juices to begin flowing again. I've been to the gym, shopped for a new kitchen faucet and done a little clean-up work on the stone and plaque for our memorial to George at the Peddler. In fact, I managed to burn the entire morning without doing anything productive.

So now I am sitting at my PC messing around and waiting for a 2 PM phone call from the folks at Toyota Financial for a piece I'm working on for AutoTrader. Once that interview is completed, I'm going to call it a day.

I feel a nap coming on.

Because I want you to have at least a small reward for coming to this site today, here are a couple more photos from the weekend's festivities.


  1. I love this post. It is so my life. The life of a Freelance writer is a waiting game, isn't it?!

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