It's me doing a little posing while taking a break at the Ouray, Colorado Jeep Jamboree in 1995.

Monday, August 29, 2011

If You Can't Run With the Big Dogs, Keep Your Butt on the Porch

I am paying the price today for having just too much fun over my birthday weekend.

I had someone ask me if I felt my age. My answer: Well, today I do, but I should be better tomorrow. That's my sincere hope, in any event.

I've killed time in a variety of ways today as I wait for my creative juices to begin flowing again. I've been to the gym, shopped for a new kitchen faucet and done a little clean-up work on the stone and plaque for our memorial to George at the Peddler. In fact, I managed to burn the entire morning without doing anything productive.

So now I am sitting at my PC messing around and waiting for a 2 PM phone call from the folks at Toyota Financial for a piece I'm working on for AutoTrader. Once that interview is completed, I'm going to call it a day.

I feel a nap coming on.

Because I want you to have at least a small reward for coming to this site today, here are a couple more photos from the weekend's festivities.


  1. I love this post. It is so my life. The life of a Freelance writer is a waiting game, isn't it?!

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