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Monday, March 14, 2011

And the Beat Goes On: More South Florida Misadventures

It's Monday and I have survived another St. Paddy's Day weekend in South Florida. I'm too old for this nonsense. After I somewhat gathered myself up Sunday morning, I returned to the scene of the crime to recover my phone. My friends who hosted Saturday night's festivities were still speaking to me -- always a positive sign. Of course they regaled me with stories of my terrorizing one of the other party guests. Sometimes I think I'm funnier than I really am. Pity the poor fool who gets in the way of that.

Yesterday's weather was absolutely gorgeous: sunny and in the mid 70s. A few of us gathered at Boston's On the Beach for a libation or two at the Tiki Bar where a very good band played. I was moving will less alacrity than usual. Saturday night was a rough one. I wasn't hung over exactly -- I haven't had a real hangover since about 1987 -- but my step was missing its usual spring. The music was excellent, however, and the beer finally began going down a bit easier.

A day of recovery requires a certain amount of meat intake. Friends covered that base by inviting us over for steaks on the grill. This confluence of good food and good friends created the perfect end to an action-packed weekend.

Today I'm going to enjoy a little sun poolside, do some reading and generally goof off. I needed to do a minor rewrite on a piece I wrote for That accomplished, the day is mine. It's another beauty.


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