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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Advice: Drink Heavily

I'm ready to take comfort where I find it.
 Right now I am fairly consumed with work and other nonsense that can't be put off. It's a royal pain.

With a trip to my sister's on the schedule for later in the month, I suddenly find myself awash in projects that can't be postponed. This is not good for a world-class procrastinator and black-belt slacker.

Going into this week, I had eight major client assignments to research and write. I have three more minor ones that would take little time at all to knock out, if I could get the sources I need for each on the phone. I am getting ready to go live with a Web site on Greenville and I, as the sole provider of copy, have been burning the midnight oil writing for it. I have a Florida buddy doing the heavy lifting, building the thing, but I still have to make the lion's share of decisions. My head hurts.

I also am in the process of tearing down my shed. Travelers Insurance – that lame-ass, bastard of a company – canceled my homeowner's insurance after three weeks when its inspector found asbestos siding on my shed. Without even a “by your leave,” Travelers canceled me effective two weeks from now. Thanks to my end-of-the-month travels, I have to pull the shed down and scrounge up homeowner's coverage in the next 10 days or so.

Then, I also have out-of-town guests coming to stay Friday night. That means the house needs at least a somewhat good cleaning. I HATE house cleaning!!!

I am under excruciating pressure!

I'm almost too frazzled to drink...almost.

Hey, there's an idea....

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