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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You Just Never Know Where Readers Will Come From

I posted a blog last month about my two-hour dentist appointment from hell. If you somehow missed it, give yourself two gold stars for having a life, scroll down to the archived August blogs and give it a read.

Any way, I wrote this blog about the discomfort of lying back in the chair, under a bright light with some sort of  Spanish Inquisition hardware forcing my mouth open three inches farther than its engineered to go and having two different teeth drilled and grinded for a crown and a filling. It wasn't painful, but stressful. Then it was punctuated with a $1,600 bill! Now that did hurt!

Here's the thing: every couple of weeks I get an e-mail or a comment on that post empathizing with me about the encounter and assuring me that I am better off for the visit. When I click on the source of the message, it's from a dentist office in some far-flung location.

Apparently some dentists scour the Internet looking for blogs on dentist visits. I don't know if they use them as some sort of testimonials or a tool for fishing for leads of some sort.

I'm going to try to outfox them with this post by not including "dentist" in the title.

In any case, it's sort of amusing. And, of course, I always appreciate the readership.

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