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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Painting My Way to Florida

I've been in Florida for a while painting the house of some friends. Money actually changed hands -- from them to me. Why would I do that? you might ask. Well, I can always use the money and it was an excuse to make the trip to Fla.

This is a recently purchased home that the previous owners had actually recently painted. Every room was painted white in what appeared to be nothing more than whitewash. It must have cost them $5 a gallon.

A few years ago I had painted two or three rooms in my friends' previous home, apparently much to their satisfaction. They brought me back.

I am a deliberate and meticulous artisan. I could never paint for a living because I am just too damn slow. I tape everything and use an edger as well.


I painted five rooms that included two bathrooms and it took me roughly 45 hours. Only the great room with its vaulted ceilings could be considered large.

Did I mention that I'm slow?

The great room was a particularly tiring undertaking. It required a 12-foot ladder that I was probably up and down 60 or 70 times. Up the ladder, paint a foot or so, down the ladder to get more paint, up the ladder, paint a foot or so, down the ladder to get more paint and move the ladder. On and on it went.

I have no idea when the last time was you were up and down a 12 foot ladder 70 times, but on about trip 40, I was beat and my thighs ached.

I was happy, happy, happy when I was able to fold up this holdover from the Inquisition and dump it back in the garage.

I have a couple of walls in my own home which I made repairs to the drywall and have yet to repaint. I'm in no hurry to tackle that project.

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