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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tom and Katie Sitting in a Tree.....

How about that: Katie is divorcing Tom.

Who saw that coming? Anyone, anyone?

Apparently Katie is more than happy to rub shoulders with the freak show that is Scientology, but draws the line at immersing her six-year-old daughter in a crazy cult.

What little I've read about Katie, she seems to come from a rather normal background. I never did understand how she would adapt to Tom's belief system, religion or whatever it is. What the hell is it, anyway?

Of course, one would assume Tom will have custody rights of some sort, so he will still be able to do a little freelance indoctrination of little Suri. That shouldn't cause Katie too many sleepless nights.

Perhaps now that she's out from under Tom -- I shudder at the image -- she can return to her career. Maybe they can resurrect her character for the next Batman installment.

I wonder if Tom's sofa-jumping days are behind him.

What a moron.

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