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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Swarming Bees: Yet Another Good Reason Not to Mow the Dirt

I mowed my dirt yesterday. I'd like to tell you that I did it in a fit of motivation, but that would be untrue. I didn't want to do it; I didn't feel like doing it; but I had to do it.

Since I managed to bring my dandelion problem under control, I have been able to reduce my mowing to once every two weeks. I could make it every three weeks if I could find a crabgrass killer that works as well as the Bayer dandelion killer. Bayer makes a crabgrass killer too, but it's not nearly as effective.

Hence, mowing remains an every-two-week proposition. Ugh...

I was 98% finished when I felt a hot burning sensation on my ankle. I thought maybe I had run over an ant hill or something. Looking down I saw two bees on my one ankle and another circling for a landing.

I reached down and swatted them off, and began running. Two of them were persistent little buggers and followed me for about 30 feet. Finally giving up, they flew back toward the hive.

I sat on my front step, removed my shoe and sock, and checked the damage. No stinger, but a healthy-looking red welt. I said they were bees, but they may have well been yellow jackets. I'm not sure I'd know the difference.

It was certainly more painful than any bee sting I'd had previously.

The last time I mowed, I noticed a couple of bees (or whatever) flitting in and out of a hole located in a depression in my side yard. I didn't pay much attention and obviously forgot about it. Mowing over the area the last time didn't stir up any problems.

Apparently, in the intervening two weeks, a hive developed somewhere in that hole.

I went in the house and retrieved a can of bug-killing fogger. Popping the top, I depressed the button and shoved the can into the hole. Oh, did I mention that I then ran screaming like a little girl? Yes I did.

After a couple of minutes I walked back over and took a look. A swarm of what appeared to be baby bees (or whatever) were buzzing around the hole opening. A couple of hours later, it had been reduced to just one bee.

Because it's been raining like someone should be building an ark since I got up this morning, I haven't checked today.

Maybe I solved and problem and maybe I didn't. If not, this war is far from over.

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