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Friday, June 8, 2012

Another Baby Step into the Present

Here I am, sitting in my recliner in my living room blogging.

I have made yet another small step into the present: I installed a wireless router in my house.

I've never really needed one; after all, it's just me here. My PC is hardwired into my modem. If I need to do something computer-wise, I just walk six steps down to my office and use my PC.

Three weeks ago I had out-of-town visitors here who had laptops and would have gotten online if they could. I realized at that point that I should consider bringing WiFi to my joint. Then I realized my buddy Jose was due here a few days later, and he'd want online.

But I have so few out-of-town visitors I was having trouble justifying the cash outlay a router would require. Why the heck spend $100 to $150 for something that I only would really need two weeks out of the year?

Groupon to the rescue.  I get promotional e-mails for them every day. Right at the time I was thinking about a router, Groupon had a Belkin for $29 plus $5 shipping. I already had a $10 off coupon from them. Total cost: $24!

I got online and researched the particular model in the offer and found it mostly between $129 and $150. I did find one place offering it for $78 plus shipping. $24 still seemed like a deal.

I pulled the trigger.

I installed it this afternoon and it works like a champ.

Now it's on to a smart phone!

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