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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Ghost of the NFL Season Past: My Level of Interest in What's Left of the Post Season Is Nil

I'm sitting in my Tuesday-night watering hole, Smoke on the Water, watching the Ravens hold on to a slim lead over the Texans. Yes, I know it's Sunday, but my bartender buddy Natalie works the early shift on Sundays, so sometimes I drop in.

Today's $2.50 beer special is Anchor Steam. Once upon a time, Anchor Steam was my favorite up-scale beer. I still like it a lot, but don't often drink it. That's more a function of my not drinking much in the way of beer any more than anything to do with Anchor Steam.

In any event, I'm sipping an Anchor Steam -- did I mention it's only $2.50? -- and watching Baltimore try to figure out how to lose to Houston. I still have little doubt that it will be Baltimore locking horns with the despicable Patriots for the AFC championship.  

I didn't watch the Denver-New England game last night. I knew the outcome before it began -- just not the final score. Because of my anybody-but-the-hated-Patriots attitude, had I watched, I would have rooted for Denver. Next week I'll root for the Ravens. And, if  loathsomeNew England makes it to the Super Bowl, I'll be rooting for the Packers.

I'm wearing one of my many Steelers shirts. They may be out of the running, but I am still showing the colors. With all their injuries, even had the Steelers done what they were perfectly capable of doing and beat the Broncos last week, I doubt they would have gotten much farther.

They did beat New England earlier in the year -- I consider the Steelers season a winning one, no matter what else happens, as long as they beat the godless Patriots -- but they were a much healthier team then.

For me the NFL season is over. I am only glancing at the Ravens game as I write this. That's probably more attention than I will pay to any of the remaining games. Some of my friends from the Peddler Wednesday-Night Irregulars are threatening to throw a Super Bowl party. If they do, I will probably see some of that game, but my heart won't be in it.

Unless it's to root against the contemptible Patriots, I have a less than passing interest in the games going forward -- even the Super Bowl.


  1. Maybe you should root for the Giants instead of the Packers. :-)
    Though I wouldn't know. Channel 7 and Directv are in peeing contest and so Channel 7 was dropped from the Directv lineup over the weekend. I don't know if I have the option of a regular antenna on my TV or not, but even if I did, I wouldn't know how to hook it up.

  2. I wrote this blog before the Packers/Giants game and didn't change it because I think it's important to show readers that I am, indeed, a mere mortal. No one is more surprised than I am that the Giants won this one. I wish the Steelers had been healthier and were still in this thing. The way it's playing out, they may well have snatched their seventh Super Bowl win. Oh, dump Direct TV and pick up Dish.