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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hanna: A Movie Worth Renting

Last night was Italian night at Casa Heaps. Homemade red meat sauce, pasta, lots of red Zin and Red Box movies.

Historically, I rent two movies for these Saturday nights at home. This doesn't always work well. Red Box isn't exactly a treasure trove of hits. Usually it will have one movie good enough to be a no brainer for me to rent. The second rental is often a shot in the dark with a title that sounds watchable, but usually isn't.

Last night the obvious choice was the latest Transformers flick. Although I'm disappointed Megan Fox was dumped, I decided to spend the buck and rent it. I knew the action would be good. After watching it, I don't like Fox's replacement as well as Fox, but it was still good.

It was the second movie, though, that was the real surprise. It's a film titled "Hanna."

The only person in the cast I recognized was Cate Blanchett. Apparently the person playing the main character was an Academy Award nominee at some point, but I'd never heard of her. Saoirse Ronan? Nope, doesn't ring a bell.

I'm not going to reveal a lot of the plot, but Ronan plays Hanna who has been raised in the wilderness by her father. He was obviously a covert ops guy of some sort and has spent years training her in self defense and so forth.

She leaves the wilderness and experiencing her journey of awakening with her is kind of fun. There is plenty of good action to keep things moving, as well.

On the "Was It Worth a Buck" grading system I give it a resounding, hell yes!

It was a very unexpected surprise.

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