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Monday, July 18, 2011

Moonshine Is Coming to Greenville

Whether they are on schedule or not remains a mystery; but by sometime in August, Greenville is supposed to have a moonshine micro-distillery.

Yep, right here on the buckle of the Bible belt.

It will be called Dark Corner Distillery and located downtown on North Main Street.

Supposedly their concoctions will be handmade in authentic copper stills using fresh ingredients. The founders vow not to take shortcuts in making their products, like using grain spirits.

I agree; when it comes to moonshine, I'm a purist.

You can check them out at

Actually, I'm not much of a moonshine expert. I'm no moonshine expert at all, really. But I am looking forward to the grand opening.

If things go well, they will eventually strike out in other directions adding bourbon and even schnapps to their offerings.

I may not know much about moonshine, but I do have some experience with grain alcohol. It was a cornerstone ingredient of "Blow Your Lunch Punch" that we created and served at fraternity parties at the Fiji house at Wittenberg University, oh so many years ago.

Grain wasn't available in uptight Ohio, where I went to school. So on Friday afternoon a couple of us would skip classes and drive down to Covington, Ky on a grain run.

We'd load up several half gallons of grain alcohol and sprint back to Springfield. The round trip, including the shopping, took about four hours.

For those interested, here's the recipe for "Blow Your Lunch Punch":

1) Pour six half gallons of grain alcohol into a relatively clean plastic garbage can.
2) Add whatever other booze might be laying around -- gin, vodka, whiskey, it doesn't matter.
3) Add grape Hi-C or some sort of fruit punch to taste.
4) Tossing in a bottle or three of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill Wine can't hurt. 
5) Dial 9-1-1.

Many a young co-ed's virtue was lost to this wonderful and potent elixir.

Bottoms up!

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  1. We used to mix what we called Purple Passion. We started with a gallon container and put in a bottle of grain alcohol (vodka if we couldn't get it), a can of grapefruit juice, and the rest grape juice. Drank it like soda pop because you couldn't really taste anything. Knocked us on our ass good.