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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Environmentalists' Efforts Are All About Making a Happy Earth, Right? Wrong!

I am currently rereading Steve Milloy's Green Hell. It's a study of how environmentalists are colluding to control our lives and force us back into preindustrial-revolution living. Yes, I know; this is in sharp contrast to their sunshine and moonbeams PR; but their brainwashing success aside, their true goal is to kill our free enterprise system.

If you doubt this assertion ask yourself this one question: Why are the people and groups who foil every effort to drill for more oil in the name of "green" energy the same people and groups who have blocked every proposed wind-turbine farm and solar field?

I posit that their ultimate goal isn't to force us out of carbon fuels into green energy, but to drastically curb consumption, slow progress and eventually reduce the population.

Their effort is a relentless onslaught on our quality of life that encompasses everything from our incomes to procreation.

I am including a link to a commentary that effectively documents how the success of environmentalists is responsible for the huge wild fire burning out of control in Arizona and New Mexico. It's worth the read.

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