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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pointy Ears and a 500-Mile Car Chase: Two Movies I Think Are Worth Your While

Thought I'd discuss a couple of movies I saw last week that I think are worth a mention.

I followed up my trip to the theater to see "Iron Man 3" in 3D a couple of days later with "Star Trek Into Darkness" in 3D. From beginning to end, it's an exercise in heart-in-your-throat movie making. Great action, great music, outstanding cast and an OK story.

I didn't realize until 15 or 20 minutes into the film that the producers once again trotted out the Khan villain. "I've lost count of how many times during the TV episodes and the movies Khan has been the bad guy. C'mon, all these creative geniuses can't come up with a new terror? At least the writers figured out a way to work a Tribble into the latest movie.

It was a terrific afternoon at the movies. Once I recovered from the Khan surprise, I was pulled so deeply into the action, I nearly forgot who the bad guy was.

Welcome to the Starship Enterprise!
I am onboard with, what appears to be, the newest permanent member of the Enterprise crew. It's Alice Eve and she is a welcome addition. 

No doubt I'll pop for the Blu ray of Into Darkness when it is finally released. What a rush!

The second movie I just happened to stumble on over the weekend when I was searching Netflix for something to download and watch as I ate lunch. "Hit & Run" sounded to me like a B movie that probably wouldn't be worth the 90-minute time investment. I was wrong.

Well, I suppose it could be categorized as a B movie, but included in the cast are Jeff Bridges, Bradley Cooper and Kristen Bell: A-level talent one and all.

Kristen Bell is the name that motivated me to roll the dice on this film. She had a reoccurring guest spot on the TV series "Heroes" and I liked her on that; I liked her a lot.

Dax Shepard and his 700 hp Lincoln.
"H&R" is a comedy that actually made me laugh. A kid named Dax Shepard wrote, co-directed and stars in it. I have no clue who Dax Shepard is -- or what he's done previously -- and I'm too lazy to research him as I sit at the bar in Smoke on the Water writing this. However, his cup of talent seems to runneth over.

The premises is, a young guy (our boy Dax) in the witness protection program falls in love with  a college teacher (the lovely Kristen Bell) who gets a one-of-a-kind job offer in Los Angeles. The guy decides to leave the witness protection program to take his girl to her interview. The guys he testified against learn where he is where he's going. Tom Arnold plays the federal marshal watching over the guy. He follows them as well.

Hilarity ensues.

Well worth a look see. Warning: The "F" bomb is dropped often and with gusto. Otherwise, it's fun for the whole family.

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