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Sunday, March 3, 2013

On the Road to Recovery From a 21st Birthday Bash!

Normally I wouldn't be back in New Mexico this quickly after Christmas. I usually make the trip at least one other time during the year, but I typically put a little more distance between my holiday visit and any subsequent trip.

Hard to believe as cute as Taylor is that she is related to me.
 What motivated this jaunt so soon after my December visit was the 21st birthday of one of my grand nieces who also happens to be my God daughter. Never one to miss a good party, I was compelled to fly out.

When I told the Peddler Wednesday Night Irregulars where and why I was going this week, one of them said that she thought that my Godfather duties were over when my niece turned 21. My response was that at 21, she had finally reached a point where my expertise could finally be utilized. This is my wheelhouse for crying out loud.

The party was at O'Neil's, the same joint as the 75th/50th/41st birthday party in December. The same bartenders, Mike and Rocky, were behind the bar. Once again we made the trip to and fro in a limo. We even got the same driver. No telling what sort of combat pay she required upon discovering it was us again. We managed to consume three bottles of champagne on the way.

The guest list was a mix of family and friends of the birthday girl. It's been a while since I partied with so many twenty-somethings. It's tougher than I remembered.

We ate, drank and danced for hours. It was a blast. There were a couple of walking wounded by the end of the night.  

I don't remember what my tab wound up being, and I haven't mustered the courage to look at the receipt yet. Ignorance really is bliss.

Yesterday a bunch of us made tentative plans to head to the Mine Shaft Bar in Madrid today. Madrid is a small artsy-fartsy community north of Albuquerque. I love it, but haven't been in several years. Planning such a side trip is the easy part; getting the same degree of enthusiasm is much more difficult after a wild night. I was certainly with the minority in getting up this morning still wanting to go. Damn shorthitters.

My sister and I share God parent duties.
I exchanged texts with last night's guest of honor. She said she was up early and feeling just fine. I'm so proud.

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