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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Once Upon a Time: A Fairy Tale to Make You Drink

I am enjoying a short spell off the road. My cat's happy, but hanging out at home doesn't provide much fodder for blogging. Is my life boring? In a word: yes.

But I'm fine with that. I sort of like just cranking back in my recliner and watching some TV. It may not be exciting, but it's cheap and relaxing. I'm fine with that for short periods. I mean it's not like all I do when I am in town is sit at home. On the contrary, I have my usual haunts that I frequent on a regular schedule. But even that routine is like that old pair of tattered jeans that fit so well, you just can't toss them.

I walk into these places, greet the staff -- many by name -- locate my usual stool at the end of the bar, and fire up my iPad or netbook.

When I'm not just goofing off, I have been finishing up the last two big assignments I have to knock out this year.

I am spending a lot of time in front of the TV.

I am ambivalent in regards to Netflix. I spend $8 a month to download its selection of old movies and TV shows. I say, old movies, because it runs about three months behind Red Box getting movies once they are released for home consumption. But I've had no trouble finding enough things to download to keep me paying my $8 a month.

My most recent Netflix obsession is "Once Upon a Time."

Last year was its first season. I've been seeing the trailers and promos for it for two years, but I can only watch so much TV -- particularly with my travel schedule.

So, I've taken this little period of down time to watch the first season.

Here's the plot: The Evil Queen of Snow White fame, is so ticked off that she was outsmarted by Prince Charming and Snow, that she casts a spell sending the entire enchanted kingdom to hell. Hell being current U.S. of A. I think that's putting it mildly.

Anyway, the entire group winds up in a little town called Storybrooke. The Evil Queen is the mayor. Here's the thing, no one knows they don't belong. They all have new identities and memories.

Snow is a school teacher and Charming was in a coma in the hospital when the season began. By episode six or so, he's awake and working for the animal shelter.

In the mythology of this story, Charming and Snow had a baby when the curse began; they managed to use some magic and save her from the curse.

Named Emma Swan, she winds up in Storybrooke as well. Her character is played by Jennifer Morrison who was in the first five or six seasons of "House." She is the white hat to the Queens black one. Oh, I forgot to mention that the Queen is the adoptive mother of the son Emma gave up at birth. He is also the only one who knows what's going on and keeps driving everyone to remember their past. Are you confused? Me too, but it's good.

Characters there include Red Riding Hood, the Seven Dwarfs,

Rumplestiltskin and probably several more I haven't even been introduced to yet.

All I'm saying is that it's worth a look.

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