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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Steelers Batting .500 So Far

Here we are in week eight of the NFL season and I have been uncommonly mum on the Steelers. This has nothing to do with their rather lackluster record to date, but has much to do with my travel schedule.

I've been on the road a lot.

I've only seen three of their six games. Also, when I've been home, I've had so much writing to do -- the kind I get paid for -- that I haven't had the energy or motivation to do much blogging.

With six games and a bye week under their belts, the Steelers look less than stellar. I'm not yet in panic mode, but things are going to need to improve for them to elbow their way into the playoffs.

Helping them attain their 3-3 record, their losses and wins have been against NFL also-rans. Every team they've played this season has about the same record as the Steelers, telling me that their record pretty accurately reflects their ability at this point. I know they are better than that. They are certainly better than the Titans and the Broncos. Something has to give.  

As usual two or three starting offensive linemen have either not started or been knocked out of just about every game in the first quarter or so. Someone in PA needs to figure out how to genetically develop sturdier 300-pound linemen. These guys go down like $20 hookers during Fleet Week.

Polamalu has missed more than he has played so far and he's going to be out again this week against the marginally more mediocre Redskins. I am convinced this will be his last season at Pittsburgh. I just don't see them hanging on to him if he sits out most of another season. This calf injury appears chronic. No amount of recuperation time seems to help. I think he's only played one full game this season, but then I've missed a few of them.  

The only thing that's keep the Steelers nose above the water line is that they beat the Bengals last Sunday in their only division match up so far this season. Steelers and their fans everywhere owe Houston a big shout out for clipping the Ravens wings last Sunday keeping their record from going to 6 and 1.

Once again, Baltimore is the team to beat in the AFC North.

As we creep up to the midway point of the 2012 season, I haven't lost hope. Against Cincy last week were some flashes of brilliance after a wobbly first quarter. Jonathan Dwyer -- as one of my Steelers texting buddies remarked -- looked like a new Bettis. Wouldn't that be something….  

If at least a quorum of starters can stay healthy, Steelers have a chance. I'll reevaluate after their first meeting with Baltimore.

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