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Monday, October 8, 2012

A Bottle of Red, A Bottle of White: Conundrum Now in Two Flavors

I'm sort of partial to wine. It's my drink of choice, truth be known.

Sure, I still like a good bourbon or tequila. And if some special occasion presents itself before noon, it's not unheard of for me to mix a little vodka in my OJ.

Of course I still enjoy beer.

But I prefer wine in most circumstances.

I'm more of a red wine drinker than white, but I do like white as well.

My white wine taste evolved from Lancers and Blue Nun Liebfraumilch through chardonnay to finally come to rest on sauvignon blanc.

I like the citrus finish and dryness of a good sauvignon blanc. I can still drink chardonnay or a good Albarino -- I mean, I'm not a wine snob -- but I just prefer sauvignon blanc.

If I'm not drinking sauvignon blanc, though, I'd just as soon drink Conundrum as anything. No one outside of the winery is sure just what's in it. It's a blend, you see. And the participating grapes are a close-kept secret: a conundrum of sorts.

It's a little too sweet to keep me a loyal follower, but I like it from time to time.

Crafted by the Wagner family, owners of Caymus vineyards, Conundrum is about as close to chardonnay as you can get without it being, well, chardonnay.

I have friends in Florida who gulp the stuff by the case. I enthusiastically throw myself into the fray when I am visiting. It's only polite.

On my last Florida trip, I experienced Conundrum Red for the first time. Like the white, Conundrum Red is a blend of of unknowns. Full fruited, it is quite tasty. In fact, in my less than sophisticated opinion, Conundrum Red is a better red than Conundrum white is a white.

High praise, indeed.

My advice is to keep an eye out for it and give it a try. The bottle I shared came from Total Wine and was priced around $23.


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