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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some TV I Will Miss Next Season

For all intents and purposes, the major TV networks have decided which of its stable of primetime shows will and won't return next season.

I watch a lot of TV when I'm home. I have a DVR and record several shows that I then watch at my leisure. Sometimes I have more than my fair share of leisure, so I get to keep up with most of the shows that I have even a minor interest in.

Yes, my time might be better spent volunteering at a downtown soup kitchen; but because of my travel schedule, my random spurts of downtime are more easily filled with watching TV than accomplishing something of any consequence. At least that's what I tell myself.

In that spirit, here are the cancelled shows that I will most miss:

"Missing." This show that starred Ashley Judd was originally developed as an 8-episode miniseries. Despite creating a cliff-hanging final episode, the original plotline was concluded in that episode. I'm not sure this show could have held an audience for a 13- or 20-something-week run next season. So I get it.

"Unforgettable." I became a Poppy Montgomery fan during her stint at "Without a Trace." I like the premiss of "Unforgettable," that had Montgomery's character cast as a police detective who remembers everything she sees. But I watch as much for Montgomery as I do the show's entertainment value. She's hot and I'm a guy. So shoot me.

"The Finder." This is a quirky little show from the producers of "Bones." The main character can find any one or any thing once he sets his mind to it. It was brainless entertainment which is exactly what I want out of my TV viewing.

"Awake." I loved the idea behind this show's plotline that had the main character living his life in both reality and a dream world and not being able to tell which was real and which wasn't. He was a police detective -- who isn't these days? -- who solved the current crime in one reality with clues from the other. It was a novel premiss and I'll be particularly sorry to see it go. (Note: After I originally posted this blog the final episode of the season and the series aired. The producers brought the storyline to a conclusion: Like "Dallas" from decades ago, the entire season was just one huge dream. The main character awoke to find that none of it happened and that both wife and son were still alive. It was a then-the-bus-crashed-and-everyone-died ending. Cheap, but tidy.)

"Harry's Law." I've blogged about this show a couple of times and actually stopped recording it when -- for no reason that I can figure out -- the producers gave resident hottie Brittany Snow her walking papers. Somehow my DVR began recording it again mid season and I have watched a few episodes. Mostly David E. Kelley managed to rein in his far-left tendencies -- the very thing that motivated me to stopped watching "Boston Legal" its last two seasons -- and so I didn't feel too bad about watching it. But unlike the other shows on this list, I'm not really sorry to see it go. It morphed into just another lawyer show from its original premiss. That certainly didn't make it better.

Those those are my favorites that got the old heave ho.

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