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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Red Box: The Beat Goes On; and Leverage!

My little toe-to-toe with Red Box came to an anti-climatic end when they refunded my $2.12. I was ready to take this one to the wall, but got myself all worked up over nothing.

In fact, I rented two movies from them this morning without incident -- or so I thought. In reviewing my checking account, I see they charged me twice for the same two movies. Here we go again...

I'll have to address that on Monday.

I have discovered a TV show that I like a lot and don't know how I avoided it for four full seasons, but somehow I did.

Called "Leverage," it's a TNT series with episodes being rerun 8 or 10 times a week. I stumbled across it during the recent lull in first-run shows that I regularly record. I was looking for something to watch, and there it was.

It's a "caper" show about a bunch of reformed thieves who are now do-gooders. Each episode they help some poor schlep whose had something taken from him or her by stealing it back. The characters are quirky and the scripts lighthearted.

The only two cast members I'd ever heard of before are Timothy Hutton and Christian Kane. Hutton has been around forever. Kane I recognized from his reoccurring stint as a bad guy on the Buffy-spin-off series "Angel."

I admit, I am somewhat smitten with Beth Riesgraf who plays an ex-second-story, safe-cracking thief, but the entire cast meshes into an entertaining group.

Until season five begins and new episodes air in prime time, you may experience a little difficulty watching it. The reruns are at 2 PM and 11 PM eastern time. If you have a DVR, it's worth the effort to record an episode or two.

Go Giants!

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