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Monday, February 6, 2012

Adios, Tom: The Loathsome Patriots Take It on the Chin

I made the rounds yesterday wearing my newest Steelers jersey.

That Pittsburgh wasn't in the Super Bowl was a disappointment, but it was sort of fun not caring about the game's outcome.

Well, I actually did care. I didn't care who won, but I was rooting for the despicable Patriots to lose. They did manage to come from behind and score enough points in the second and third quarters that, for a while, I thought they might do to the Giants what they had done to some other opponents who got ahead of them early in the game and run up 20 or so unanswered points on their way to a win. But the Giants were having none of that.

I could only root for the Giants in as much as their winning translated into the despised Patriots' loss. Manning's head is already so big I don't know how the equipment manager finds a helmet to fit over it. I guess it'll only be worse now. But if the dreaded Patriots losing meant the Giants had to win, so be it.

No doubt the talking heads at ESPN are wearing black arm bands today. They do more cheering for the overrated Patriots than the team's cheerleaders. Brady is covered with their slobber every time he does an interview with them. "The greatest quarterback of all time," my ass.

The Super Bowl party I was to attend was canceled at the last minute, but I got the call as I was sitting at the bar in Smoke on the Water. I was talking to my bartender buddy as the calls and texts rolled in about the cancellation. She was having people over for a cookout and invited me. How could I say, no?

It was a small, but fun gathering. I must admit, I paid little attention to the game. I basically missed all the commercials. I only really concentrated on the final 10 minutes.

I can't give you any real opinion of what went on or how the teams played. Happily the above photo says it all for me....


  1. Any particular quote spur your comment on Eli? Can't say as though I agree with it, but I could have missed something.

  2. I read a comment he made early in the season that he was an "elite quarterback." I think it's fine for other people to say that, but you sound like a pompous jerk if you say that about yourself. Yes, at the time he had taken the Giants to a Super Bowl, but so have a lot of other QBs. I don't think winning one championship puts you in the elite class -- two maybe, but not one.

  3. Maybe he was just predicting the future.