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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Way Too Much Labor on This Labor Day Weekend!

It's the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.

Why am I sitting at my PC at 3 PM on a sunny holiday weekend afternoon instead of partying?

Out-of-town company is a'comin' that's why, and I needed today to get some stuff done.

I have a sortie of out-of-town visitors descending on Casa Heaps next weekend. Two different entities, in fact.

My Illinois gal pals who usually drop in for a night or two every year on their way to or on their way back from Hilton Head are on the guest list. They didn't make the Hilton Head run this year, but still decided to head to Greenville for a weekend. Bless their hearts. They planned this a month or so ago.

Then I have a Florida friend whose 21-year-old son is coming to Greenville this fall to take some college courses at Greenville Tech. He wants to make an exploratory trip this weekend to check out an apartment he wants to rent and to check in with his new boss. This just came up last week. What, I was going to say, no?

He will be relegated to the inflatable mattress in the room I use for storage.

Then this past Friday, my fraternity brother who I just visited in Toledo called to say he had a golfing trip planned with his business partner at The Reserve nearby where he owns a lot. His wife is off on a "girls" weekend with his daughters, so he thought he'd come down a day early and spend it with me. He is scheduled to arrive around lunch time tomorrow.

Oh, oh. Sounds like someone is going to have to get some work done and clean the house.

Any way, I had invites to go out on two different lakes on two different pontoon boats with two different sets of friends today. I had to beg off on both invitations. They will have to campaign on without me.

I've got some writing assignments that need doing and a damned house to clean.

However, I will make my usual Sunday pilgrimage to the Blue Ridge Brewery downtown this afternoon and quaff a couple of Sacred Cow Ales from my ugly mug. After all, it would be unAmerican not to celebrate in some small way.

Otherwise, this is turning out to be a very labor-intensive Labor Day weekend.

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