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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Margaritas, Beer and TV

Between margaritas and microbrews, I am actually managing to sandwich in a little TV watching while on my extended Wild West Vacay!

Here are some random thoughts on some of what I've seen.

I think one of the breakout hits of the season is going to be Two Broke Girls. This show is so well written that I chuckle just thinking about it. I don't think more than 15 or 20 seconds passed during the pilot episode without a laugh. It's about a working-class girl and a debutant who wind up working in the same diner and establish a friendship and partnership. Truly funny stuff.

It followed the season premier of Two and a Half Men. Charlie who? Every bit as deliciously funny without Charlie Sheen as it was with him, the new season shows a lot of promise.

Anchoring Monday evening on CBS were back-to-back episodes of How I Met Your Mother. I struggle to watch this lame attempt at comedy. Its first season was well written with plenty of laughs. It has been sliding down hill since. I have given it every chance. I am a big fan of Buffet-the-Vampire-Slayer alum Alyson Hannigan, but that's just no longer enough to keep me turning into this turkey. There were more laughs in the first 30 seconds of Two Broke Girls than in 60 minutes of How I Met Your Mother. Pathetic.

I have also seen two new dramas: Unforgettable and Revenge.

I thought Unforgettable's plot a bit plodding, but I will give it another chance. I like its main star Poppy Montgomery, who is from Without a Trace. Her character has some affliction that causes her to remember every detail of everything she sees. Of course she's a cop. It has promise, but they need to pick up the pace.

Finally, I saw Revenge last night. I was hooked after the first 15 minutes. There is enough intrigue to dazzle J.R. Ewing. I can't even begin to summarize what all went on in the pilot, but I want to know what happens next.

While I'm away, my DVR is hard at work recording stuff I'm not able to watch this week. More to come as I get caught up. 

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  1. You just watched more network TV (non-cable) than I watch in a year (not including sports).