Dallas Wayne

Dallas Wayne
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Monday, September 28, 2015

I'm Falling Behind in My Home Repairs!

If that blue ring was actually secured to the floor, that's where the new toilet would go.
I'm not the kind of guy to make excuses when I've been negligent in my blogging duties, but, hey, I've been busy. In fact I've been so negligent, I suspect there are some followers who have given up on me. I'd like to say that I will double my efforts and do better, but that's probably not the case.

Although I haven't been traveling the past two or three weeks, I have been covered up with work: paying and otherwise. Don't feel neglected. I haven't hit a lick on my upstairs renovation project in more than two months.

Most of last week was occupied working and playing at Greenville's Euphoria. That was a four-day weekend affair where I shot about 150 photos and 175 video clips. Following that weekend, I spent four days retouching photos and editing together a 3-minute-20-second video, which turned out pretty damn good, if I say so myself.

Thinking I was basically going to coast through this past weekend, I was unpleasantly surprised by a malfunctioning toilet in my guest bath. This normally wouldn't take on emergency status, but my master bath is part of the unfinished upstairs renovation. I'm only human; I need to perform my biological imperatives somewhere. The nearest gas station rest room is a half mile away.

I don't have the time to recount the Biblical proportions of the Chinese fire drill replacing the commode has become, but what would have normally been a 30-to-60 minute job in a newer home has already sucked up nearly six hours of my time and the new toilet isn't even out of the box yet. Did I mention the five trips to Home Depot? I'll go into more detail once this life-changing challenge is completed or I'm dead, whichever comes first.

I'm back on the road this week; so, not much will get done. In the meantime, I have a big box loaded with commode in the middle of my kitchen and an upstairs bath that the only thing that does really function is the toilet.

What's happened to my life?

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