Preparing to shoot a few segments of Big Jon in 5 for BEER2WHISKEY in our upstairs studio at Barley's Taproom in downtown Greenville. That's owner Josh Beebe preparing for his closeup.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Covering Carolina's Craft Brewery Scene: Great Work If You Can Get It!

I'm not the kind of guy to shirk duty when it calls; and call it did in the form of a story for AAA Go Magazine on the Battling Breweries of Asheville and Greenville.

This is a story that percolated in the back of my mind for about six months before I pitched it to my editors. Eighteen months ago it wouldn't have even been possible because Greenville only had a couple of craft breweries. Three more, however, have opened in the Greenville area in the past year or so and rumor has it, another is on the way.

My re-introduction to the Growler Station earlier this year, solidified the project in my mind. The Growler Station is the staging area for the new Greenville Brew Tours. These guys really know their beer and are totally stoked about Greenville's craft beer scene. Their enthusiasm is contagious.

The crew at Brewery 85.
I indulged myself this past Friday, visiting two of Greenville's craft breweries that I had never been to: Quest and Brewery 85. I chatted up the owners of both and sampled a half dozen of the selections brewed by each. I usually don't work late on Friday afternoons, but I made an exception in this case.

Besides the quality of craft beers, I am attracted to craft breweries in general because of the passion of their owners and beer makers. Quest and Brewery 85 are no exception. 

The bar at Quest.
This coming week I have an appointment at Greenville's Thomas Creek Brewery and Asheville's Highland Brewing. While I am in Asheville, I will hit two or three more of the city's 13 craft breweries. 

A flight of some of Brewery 85's craft beers.
Yes, I know; you are impressed with my work ethic. I strive to inspire. Once I've conquered the brewery story, I'll move on to the distilleries of the Carolinas.

A freelance writer's work is never done.....


  1. Were you photoshopped in to this picture?

  2. I photobombed it. Naw, but it does sort of look that way.