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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I'm Too Cold to Worry About Global Warming

A Volvo drive to the Arctic Circle and beyond in 2003 was excellent preparation for the temperature in Greenville today.
I have to chuckle at the disciples of the church of global-warming, who, whenever temps drop, rush to point out that such weather events aren't evidence that man-made global warming isn't legitimate. Of course, these are the same crackpots who use every hurricane, wild fire, earthquake, flood, drought, winter with little snow, winter with more snowfall than usual, some rain, no rain, too much rain, and temp extremes as evidence that, not only is man-made global warming real, but it's getting worse.

What next, “spring” is evidence of the planet heating? (Disclosure: This isn't my joke.)

(No doubt more "proof" of global warming: USA Today just reported that 2013 set the record for fewest lightning-strike deaths in the U.S. since records began being kept in 1940.)

Forty years ago some of these same knuckleheads were predicting an impending ice age due to arrive in 50 or 60 years. I guess we still have some time before we can heave a sigh of relief that those predictions weren't accurate.

(As if on cue, here's Time Magazine's no-matter-what-happens-it's-man-made approach.) 

Do I believe the current cold snap disproves global-warming? Nope. It's just uber cold for a few days. Although I'm sure there is a global-warming hysteric somewhere putting forth the argument that somehow this severe cold snap is the result of global warming. See paragraph one.

It was 7-degrees in Greenville, SC when I logged on my computer at 7:30 this morning. Just off the top of my head, I believe that's the coldest temp here since I moved from South Florida seven years ago. It certainly doesn't compete with the sub-zero temps much of the country is dealing with, but it's cold nonetheless.

My cat climbed in my lap when I sat down to begin work at 7:30 a.m., and at 11:45 hasn't stirred. She, as far as I know, has no position on global warming. She's just cold.

Despite “the science being settled,” there is a growing and persuasive body of studies that climate change has much more to do with the sun's sunspot cycles than the carbon dioxide generated by our fleet of SUVs.

I tend to side with that argument. And, unlike the global-warming school of scientists, many of whom derive their income through grants and organizations with a mission to keep the global-warming hysteria at a fever pitch, I am willing to entertain the thought that the science is not settled. 

What global-warming true believers look like.
I find it both ironic and hilarious that the ship carrying a platoon of global-warming scientists heading to Antarctica to prove that its ice shelf is disappearing, became stuck in the ice – along with one of its rescue ships – nearly 100 miles from its destination. Funnier still, while they were stranded in the ice, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), posted a report that there is more ice on the Arctic shelf than ever. It would seem so.


So, as I try to stay warm, I will keep an open mind about the state of our planet's climate. Is it warming or cooling? I don't have a clue. But I do know that it's damn cold today.

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