Preparing to shoot a few segments of Big Jon in 5 for BEER2WHISKEY in our upstairs studio at Barley's Taproom in downtown Greenville. That's owner Josh Beebe preparing for his closeup.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Three Amigos Ride Again!

Despite my not posting a blog in more than a week, I am still sitting upright and taking solid nourishment.

I'm sorry, I can't write or say "upright" without thinking about the old TV show The Beverly Hillbillies. Uncle Jed owned a movie studio and several of the contract actors were trying to date Elly May. One was named Bolt Upright and another Dash Riprock. It still makes me laugh.

In any event, I was on the road for 10 days (Nashville, Boca Raton and Charlottesville, VA) and now have buddies in town for a week.

As impossible to believe as it is, I also had a couple of paying assignments to try to squeeze in around all of this. Something had to suffer and it was Clanging Bell.

Three Amigos: me, Jose and Les at Charleston's Southend Brewery.
 I am writing this from my motel room in Charleston where my buddies Les and Jose spent the day with me. Yes, it's the notorious Three Amigos: older, chubbier and less energetic, but still able to string a few beers together.

The gang at Greenville's Ford's on Cinco de Mayo.
We already had a couple of days of intense partying in Greenville before hitting the road. I mean, Cinco de Mayo was last weekend! 

This makes my fourth or fifth trip to Charleston, but the first for the boys. We arrived around noon, checked into our motel and immediately headed downtown. We left few stones unturned.

Tomorrow we drive back to Greenville and head to Smoke on the Water for happy hour and dinner.

A fraternity brother from Ohio joins the posse sometime tomorrow night. We are just getting started.

I need a good night's sleep tonight, but because the couple directly upstairs is apparently having a far better time than I, I'm not optimistic.  

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