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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tripping the Light Fantastic in Austin

It’s been a while since I’ve been in Austin with the combination of staying downtown and enough free time to actually get out and look around.
This wonderful confluence of events presented themselves today.

Headquartered at the W Hotel just three blocks off of 6th Street courtesy of Dodge – here to experience the all-new Dodge Dart – I was checked into my room before 1 p.m.

Certainly I could have napped, watched TV, read my book or actually done a little work; but instead I chose to hike to 6th Street and check out a couple of joints.
For the uninitiated, 6th Street is Ground Zero for Austin’s music scene.

I must say, there isn’t much music happening at 2:00 on a Wednesday afternoon, but I did manage to locate a couple of places with a guitarist pickin’ and a-singin’.

I am sad to admit, however, the most compelling joint I was in today is called Bikini. I’d like to report to you that the name has to do with the island chain, and the experience was one of geographical illumination; but, alas, I took the low road.

Yes, I’m a guy. Bikini is a casual place with comely young servers dressed according to the joint’s theme. It was the perfect spot to wet my whistle with a Shiner Bock on a sunny, warm afternoon.

Did I mention that the entertainment did not consist of a guitar-playing singer, but rather assorted servers using hula hoops? You won’t often see me use this word in print, but it was "aaaawesome!"

I could have invested the entire afternoon there, but I was on a tour of discovery after all. I needed to search out other tribal rituals.

My plan is to have dinner with Dodge tonight and then try to hook up with my buddy Winker later.

Don’t wait up….

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