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Dallas Wayne
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Super Bowl Reality Check: Steelers Can't Get There 3 Points at a Time

Steelers squeaker win over the Bills in overtime speaks volumes about the Steelers' lackluster offense. If you want to know why the Steelers won't be vying for a seventh Super Bowl win in Arlington in February, find a video of their game against the Buffalo Bills. Watch a first half in which their offense should have put 21 or more points on the board, but settled for 13.

In the first half the Steelers controlled the ball for a whopping 24 minutes. They gained 225 total yards as opposed to 51 yards by the Bills. They had 8 third-down conversions. Yet, they only managed to score 13 points. What is wrong with this picture?

This is an offense that can't seem to score touchdowns even as it manhandled one of the least effective defenses in the NFL. After a brilliant opening drive that consisted primarily of Rashard Mendenhall pretty much running wherever he wanted, the Steelers offense checked out. It was as though they just wanted to prove to themselves and the fans that they could score a touchdown; and that achieved, they simply fell apart.

Yes, new kicker Shaun Suisham was 4 for 4 field goals, including the game-winning score, but we're talking Super Bowl. It's tough to beat a Super Bowl-caliber team when you are putting up points 3 at a time versus your opponent putting up 7.

With such a dominant first-half performance by the Steelers offense, this game never should have been in question. That the Bills returned to the field for the second half clearly more focused and intense than the Steelers, shouldn't have been an issue. The Steelers had simply missed the opportunity to put the game away in the first half. If it were not for dazzling play in the fourth quarter and overtime on the part of the Steelers defense -- led by Troy Polamalu -- Pittsburgh would be sitting on a 7-and-4 record rather than 8 and 3.

Next week they face the Baltimore Ravens, and in what may be their most crucial game of the season, the Steelers must get the ball over the goal line. Some how, some way, offensive coordinator Bruce Arians needs to coach some touchdowns out of this offense. His success at doing so has been sporadic at best so far this season.

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